Project 1.1

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Fast inspection and metrology with X-ray computed tomography

Developments of this project enhance X-ray computed tomography in two major fields: fast inspection and metrology.
X-ray computed tomography is already established as NDT-method and coordinate measuring system with the possibility of accessing hidden structures without destroying the specimen. Today, there is a high demand in industry for fast and automatic part inspections to be done in a few minutes. Fast scans usually lead to reduced image and therefore need, highly sophisticated software algorithms for rapid but still correct evaluations of XCT images. Currently, there is no international standardized procedure for metrology with XCT and the determination of measurement uncertainty. A preliminary procedure is given by the German guideline VDI/VDE 2630. The currently proposed methodology to determine measurement uncertainties of an XCT scan requires significant effort and it is not applicable for every specimen and feature to measure, since several repeated XCT scans and a reference measurement of the specimen are needed. Goals of the ZPT+ sub-project 1.1:
  • methods for fast, complex, robust and fully automated XCT inspection
  • methods for systematic feasibility studies to analyse the stability and robustness of fast and automated XCT inspections by additionally using simulation methods to reduce the effort for such studies
  • methods for local scan optimisation and artefact reduction and correction using XCT simulations, scan series of master pieces, and preliminary knowledge about the specimen
  • methods for the fast determination of XCT’s measurement uncertainty