K-Project ZPT+

Non-destructive Testing and Tomography Plus (ZPT+)

With a research budget of 5.4 Million Euros 19 partners worked on the further development of the central non-destructive testing methods - industrial computed tomography (CT) and laser ultrasound (LUS) - for the inspection and characterisation of compounds and hybrid-components over the period of 4 years.


The industry is driven by the need to improve quality, reliability and durability of industrial products, to reduce costs and to introduce new more complex products, materials and technologies. These market demands can only be met by applying non-destructive testing methods increasing the competitiveness of the industrial partners.

The Project

The new K-Project for non-destructive testing and tomography plus (ZPT+) was a further development of the preceding very successful K-Project ZPT building on the established knowledge base. ZPT+ was the next logical step forward focusing on the cutting edge applications, new industrial demands and scientific expertise. Accordingly, the project research focused primarily on the NDT-methods X-ray computed tomography (XCT) and laser ultrasound (LUS) methods for compounds and hybrid components. Other NDT-methods were applied as well for specific studies. As core areas the following research fields were defined for this project:
  • the accurate extraction of quantitative material data from the NDT measurements,
  • in-situ NDT-methods,
  • multi-modal approaches and
  • the combination of NDT with materials simulation.
The K-Project ZPT+ was a research cooperation within the Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies Program (COMET) of the Austrian government, supported by the Austrian Funding Agency FFG, the government of Upper Austria and Styria.