Research Fields

The ZPT+ Project comprises 3 fields of research:
  • Area 1 - New approaches for X-ray CT and ultrasonic methods
  • Area 2 - NDT for 3D-microstructure and properties of structural materials
  • Area 3 - Strategic projects and technology transfer
The areas is subdivided into the following sub-projects and are processed together by the research and business partners over a period of 4 years.

Project 1.1

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Fast inspection and metrology with X-ray computed tomography

Developments of this project enhance X-ray computed tomography in two major fields: fast inspection and metrology.

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Project 1.2

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Laser ultrasonics as tool for microstructure characterization

The sub project 1.2 deals with the contactless detection and characterisation of defects as well as the analysis of microstructures in metals by Laser Ultrasound.

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Project 2.1

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3D microstructure, defect and damage investigations on polymeric systems

High resolution non- destructive testing methods will be developed for the characterization of the microstructure, defects and damage mechanisms of heterophasic polymeric materials.

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Project 2.2

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3D-microstructure and thermo-mechanical investigations of structural metals

The objectives of this project are to correlate 3D microstructural constitution and damage in selected cast AlSi piston alloys and continuously cast steel slabs with the effect of thermo-mechanical loads and...

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Project S1

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Multimodal approaches for characterization of microstructural evolution

The main goal of this strategic project is the simultaneous combination of non-destructive techniques to study the evolution of the microstructure of materials under the effect of different types of external loads.

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Project S2

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NDT simulation and new data processing methods

Simulation is a very important tool for nondestructive testing (NDT), which is helpful for many applications and indispensable for the ZPT+ project.

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Project TT

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TT - Technology Transfer and Educational Programme

Knowledge-management and education of the K-Project employees are key issues for a successful research centre.

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