ZPT Project 1.1


NDT and defect analysis in heterogeneous polymer materials

The very specific problems of structural characterization of heterogeneous polymer materials and compounds will be dealt with in Project 1.1.
Testing of specific polymeric materials and components without impairing their quality and the evaluation of properties relevant for use is the main goal of this multi-firm project “NDT and defect analysis in heterogeneous polymer materials”. Heterogeneous materials such as long and short fiber composites, heterophasic polymers and blends are in the central focus of interest because of their highly specific mechanical properties, which makes them interesting for various demanding engineering applications. Also, low corrosion tendency and long service life, in addition to weight savings, play a decisive role for their importance.
However, costs due to component failure can vastly exceed production costs of such components. Only non-destructive testing (NDT) and -evaluation (NDE) providing information on the state of materials and components by non-reactively recognizing and characterizing damage, allow to replace components in good time, and to avoid premature prophylactic replacement of perfectly functional parts. Therefore, it is in the common goal of this project to develop and apply enhanced NDT methods for characterization and quality control of these materials.