ZPT Project 1.3


Heterogeneities in structural metals

The multi-firm project “Heterogeneities in structural metals” is dedicated to the investigation of inhomogeneities always present in cast alloys..
Inhomogeneities refer to irregularities such as inclusions, primary precipitates, segregations, inhomogeneous grain size distribution, shrinkage pores and occasional hot cracks. Type, size and distribution depend on the alloy and the casting-process. The main goal is consequently the assessment of heterogeneities, their topology and distribution with respect to process development, and a correlation with in-house quality assurance systems in order to improve the performance of cast products for further processing and in service. 
The questions to be answered are:
  • When, where and in which form do heterogeneities present themselves?
  • How do they affect further processing and use?
  • Which heterogeneities are classified as “defects”?
  • Which are the identification criterions?
  • How are heterogeneities generated?
  • How are the quality degrading features of defects reduced?