ZPT Project 2.1


New tomographic methods

Within the multi-firm project “New tomographic methods” various new tomographic methods are investigated and optimized for specific industrial applications.
The investigations are carried out with objects made of a wide variety of materials (metal, polymers, ceramics,…). Special emphasis is put on soft materials such as composites, heterophasic copolymers and blends as well as multi-materials components like copper-graphite components and sintered metals.
A three-dimensional (3D) representation of an object reveals a lot of information, which cannot be retrieved otherwise and given the fact that 3D-distribution of heterogeneities and structures strongly determine the properties and qualities of materials and work pieces, tomographic methods have become very important in both science and industry for the development of high-technology products. Hence, main objective of this project is to achieve enhanced know-how of different tomographic techniques such as XCT, OCT, photoacoustic tomography, and THz imaging and optimize them for specific industrial application.