ZPT Project 2.2


X-ray computed tomography for dimensional measurements

Essential objective in this sub-project is the further development and improvement of X-Ray Computer Tomography (XCT) for metrology.
The primary interest of metrology is the measurement of inspection features like crucial distances and diameters. 3D XCT is currently the only method, which fully allows characterizing a specimen including inner and hidden structures without destroying the specimen. Furthermore XCT characterizes even partly or fully assembled components. However, there are several major problems which industrial 3D XCT for metrology is currently facing: various characteristics of artefacts, the limited resolution and the limited geometrical accuracy. Hence, the need for the improvement of this technology. The main goals are:
  • Advanced XCT-methods to reach higher geometrical accuracy
  • High resolution-XCT for metrology of small structures
  • XCT for high accuracy dimensional measurements including calibration strategies and Local interface characterisation methods
  • Advanced XCT-methods with reduced measurement artefacts
  • CT for dimensional measurement of multi-material components