ZPT Project S1

S1 - Interaction of waves with anisotropic materials and structures

Non-destructive evaluation of material properties of anisotropic materials like composites or layers is an issue of current interest. In particular acoustic and thermal waves show huge potential for these applications. However, sometimes it is difficult to determine material properties or spatial information from the measured signals due to different wave velocities and dispersion relations in different directions. Enhanced numerical simulations and systematic measurements with phantoms are required to tackle these problems and are important for the understanding of ghost signals.
This strategic research project therefore concentrates on the interaction of waves (with special regard to acoustic and thermal waves) of anisotropic materials and structures. It should lead to a better theoretical understanding and interpretation of measured acoustic and thermal waves on anisotropic materials. Developing enhanced methods and expertise for contactless characterization and determining material parameters of anisotropic materials are central endeavors of this undertaking/operation. Furthermore the researchers hope to determine the anisotropy of thermal conductivity in composites and ultimately develop methods for defect characterization which are fast and enable easy evaluation.