ANSYS FE model of the RVE of a 3D woven composite_ Geometry of the RVE has been created using the TexGen code.jpgANSYS FE model of the RVE of the 090 NCF dual layer_Geometry of the RVE has been created using the WiseTex code.jpgAll-moving-horizontal-tail-plane-CFK---foam-core.jpgAnalysis of local fiber orientation.jpgAnalysis of yarn paths in fabrics as a result shape, area, coordinates of the centre of mass are obtained. Geometrical models based on these parameters were created for visual.jpgCFRP-complex-structure-and-obtained-Robot-CT-3D-results-400-projections-at-limited-angle-CT-180°-C.jpgCFRP-complex-structure-and-obtained-Robot-CT-3D-results-400-projections-at-limited-angle-CT-180°-a.jpgCFRP-complex-structure-and-obtained-Robot-CT-3D-results-400-projections-at-limited-angle-CT-180°-b.jpgComparison and correlation of CT data with ultrasonic testing.jpgCorrelation and comparison with 2D micocuts.jpgExample of software demonstrator for composite model.pngGeneration of import for FEM models.jpgImage-of-a-damaged-CFRC-sample-obtained-using-a-single-photon-counting-detector--with-resolution-4-3-um--a.jpgImpact damage characterization in CFRP.jpgLarge aeronautic component.pngMicro- and nano-CT systems at MTM.jpgMisalignment of fibers in a glass fiber_PP_SRPP composite.jpgPorosity testing in CFRP.jpgQUICOM-13.jpgRadiogram of the FPGA integrated circuit was acquired using single photon counting detector; resolution 20 m.jpgRobot based XCT system two independent robots holding the X-ray tube and the detector moving according to a specified acquisition trajectory.jpgRotor-blade-for-ducted-fan--CFK---foam-core.jpgThe honey comb sandwich with metal grid on the top; imaged using 1 MPixel single photon counting detector; resolution 10μm.jpgThermoplastic clip, as an example for high volume parts.jpgVisualisation of cracks in a 3D carbonepoxy composite after fatigue loading.jpgVisualization of the double source CT setup.jpg

This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research,
technological development and demonstration under grant agreement n° 314562.

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