K-Project ZPT

Non-destructive Testing and Tomography

With a research budget of 7 Million Euros 18 partners collaborated for 5 years to further develop new methods of non-destructive testing and tomography.
The “K-Project of Non-destructive Testing and Tomography” (ZPT) was a research cooperation within the Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies Program (COMET) of the Austrian government in which science and industry did high quality research work together.


To see inside material and components, without influencing their further application and modifying their shape - in short non-destructive - is a very common request of quality control. Non-destructive testing methods are able to fulfill these demands and simultaneously gain central information on structure and dimension, on the physical and mechanical properties as well as the composition of the materials and components. Because of these essential advantages and the big demand for material- and technology innovations, improved product quality and cost reduction, non-destructive methods are increasingly pushed forward by the industry.

Main Objective

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The goals of the K-Project for Non-destructive Testing (ndt) and Tomography were:
  • to enhance the competitiveness of the Austrian industry, 
  • to strengthen and improve the research- and education infrastructure
  • and to create a unique ndt-knowledge base.
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