ZPT Project S1

S1 - Interaction of waves with anisotropic materials and structures

Non-destructive evaluation of material properties of anisotropic materials like composites or layers is an issue of current interest. In particular acoustic and thermal waves show huge potential for these applications. However, sometimes it is difficult to determine material properties or spatial information from the measured signals due to different wave velocities and dispersion relations in different directions. Enhanced numerical simulations and systematic measurements with phantoms are required to tackle these problems and are important for the understanding of ghost signals.

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ZPT Project S2

S2 - Evaluation of critical defects and structures by in-situ and high resolution methods

In general, heterogeneities strongly determine the properties of a material, independently of the material itself. However, in many cases, the main question is under which conditions the heterogeneity becomes critical. In order to answer this question, different aspects such as the intrinsic heterogeneous structure of a material, its geometry, loading and environment have to be considered.

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TT - Technology Transfer and Educational

Knowledge-management and education of the K-Project employees are key issues for a successful research centre. Likewise is the effective transfer of know-how within the research network as well as between project-partners, the industry and the public a fundamental condition for up-to-date research. A strong co-operation with international NDT-associations like the Österreichische Gesellschaft für Zerstörungsfreie Prüfung (ÖGfZP) and the international committee of NDT (ICNDT), and with various certification and standardization groups will further help to enhance the introduction of new NDT methods. Hence, central goals of this project are:
  • Efficient knowledge management
  • Knowledge and technology transfer
  • Enhanced awareness and visibility of the K-Project in public
  • Co-operation with international NDT-associations with the aim of:
    • International harmonization of NDT education and qualification
    • Development of national and international NDT-standards especially for new NDT methods like computed tomography, active thermography, laser-ultrasonics, optical coherence tomography…