Leader: UPAT

Involved Partners: KU Leuven, LAC


This work package will investigate the development and/or optimization of CFRP models based on the input data generated in WP7. These quantitative results will be integrated in a feedback cycle for optimized modeling of advanced composite structures, incorporating the real inner structure of the composite parts after production. In WP8, two types of CFRP models will be developed based on the input data generated in WP7, i.e. a detailed geometrical model and a neural network based model. In order to prove the validity of the optimized CFRP models, a comparison will be made with standard mechanical tests and with the detection of defect-dependent features of damage initiation and development in-situ as well as post-mortem on different stages of the damage development using standard NDT techniques (macro-scale) and CT scans (micro- and meso-scale). 


The most important outcomes of this WP are expected to be models for generic geometrical modeling of CFRPs, progressive damage models for CFRPs subjected to static and fatigue loading conditions, a neural network model being able to predict the properties of defected CFRPs using CT-data. All models will be validated against mechanical tests that will be conducted in the frame of WP8.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research,
technological development and demonstration under grant agreement n° 314562.

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