Organisation profile:

The Czech Technical University in Prague is the largest and oldest Technical University in Czech Republic. The Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics (IEAP CTU) was founded on May 2002 as the university unit for both experimental and applied research in physics. The institute has long and deep expertise in instrumentation and R&D of radiation detectors, semiconductor detectors and applications (radiation imaging, CT, laminography and spectroscopy). The IEAP group actively contributes to international collaborations such as Medipix at CERN where it is responsible for designs of hardware and software for pixel detectors and it is involved also in R&D of techniques for imaging and spectroscopy. Since 2004 IEAP participated in 39 national and international research projects, including three ESA projects (the Institute). The imaging group consists of about 15 researchers and designers who are planned to participate on QUICOM’s project.


Role in the project:

The IEAP CTU will act as a coordinator responsible for WP5 and will be also responsible for task 3.2 of WP3. It will provide the implementation, testing and evaluation of advanced radiographic, CT and laminographic techniques for aerospace material inspection. Software, hardware, electronics and data processing parts will be covered by IEAP for this purpose. The institute has fully equipped laboratories for micro-imaging research and has developed a number of applications in material sciences.


Homepage: www.utef.cvut.cz   

Visiting address: Horska 3a/22, Prague 2, 128 00, Czech Republic

This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research,
technological development and demonstration under grant agreement n° 314562.

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